Fleetwood Folk and Blues Festival coming up! 

Whilst we're all caught up with World Cup Fever and enjoying a blistering summer, don't forget that Fleetwood Folk and Blues is coming around! We'll be appearing alongside a host of great acts from around the UK. The festival will take place from 31st August to 2nd September. We'll have more info for you later, but in the meantime, you can check out the festival webiste here!

Salford FM and Thornton Little Theater 

We've emerged from the bleak winter months with guitar & mandolin in hand, and are now feeling warmed up and ready for the Festival season!

Thursday took us to Salford to appear as guests on the wonderful Mather Robinson Folk Show on Salford FM. The guys played the title track from our album 'Goodbye, Prairie Girl', and we played three for four songs live in the studio. We always enjoy being in the company of Dave Mather & Pete Robinson, and followed the show with a pint round the corner with our erstwhile hosts. A good day!

The following day we played a show at The Little Theatre in Thornton, in support of The Little Unsaid, who are part way through a UK tour. We really enjpyed playing at a wonderful venue, and have a short video with sections of our performance here.   

FolkWords gives 'Goobye, Prairie Girl' a glowing review. 

We're delighted to see that FolkWords.com has reviewd our debit album 'Goodbye, Prairi Girl', and in glowing terms too! You can check out their site here: FolkWords.com. Theire review is re-printed below...many thanks guys, it means a lot to us!!

"As debut albums go this one sounds anything but a debut. The duo Plant & Taylor sound as though they’ve been singing their heartfelt songs for years and crafted their warm, congenial sound over dozens of albums. Listen to these two and there’s the all-pervading musicianship, which sits perfectly alongside the laid-back, richly delivered vocals – sometimes sung, sometimes almost quietly spoken. Unadorned and unadulterated sums it up, there’s nothing added that’s not needed, deceptively simple yet carefully put together, ‘Goodbye Prairie Girl’ has a wonderful lived-in feel that welcomes you in. 

The title track, ‘Goodbye Prairie Girl’ opens and it’s instantly memorable, the strong Americana influences are obvious as is the heritage of close knit harmony vocals, while the instrumentation relies on the guitar and mandolin combination, which works so well from track to track. From there, songs like ’Highway of My Heart’, ‘Fannin Street’ and ‘Change Will Come’ evoke thoughtful reflection and a need to hear again those voices serve up their perceptive lyrics. It’s hard to choose favourite tracks – but if pressed then ‘Morning Again’ would be right up there, as would ‘Pilgrim’."

You can get your copy of 'Goodbye, Prairie Girl' on CD via our shop here at this very site, or if you are from the future and mp3's are ore your thing, then you'll find the album on iTunes and Amazon. 

Broadstairs Folk Weekend - Details of our upcoming shows 

The mighty Broadstairs Folk Week is nearly upon us! You can find full programme details here, which includes our shows as follows:


Monday 14th August, 13:00 - 14:00, Live at THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS

Monday 14th August, 19:30 - 22:30, Live at the CONCERT MARQUEE (with Anthony John Clarke and The Dylan Project)

Tuesday 15th August, 13:00 - 14:00, Live at THE LITTLE ALBION

Tuesday 15th August, 20:00 - 22:30, Live at SINATRAS.

Hope to see you there!

New video for 'Goodbye, Prairie Girl'. 

On our video page you can watch the video to the title track from our upcoming album, 'Goodbye, Prairie Girl'. Or, if you so prefer, here is a link to the YouTube channel.....YouTube Goodbye, Prairie Girl.

The album is due for release on 1st August (more details to follow), and features eight songs and strings played by Richard Curran (Bert Jansch / Albert Lee).


Bar 39, Darwen. 

Our first gig in Darwen took us to the Hopstar Brewery Number 39 bar....and what a bar! A modestly sized venue, but pretty much perfect for those intimate acoustic shows, and with a good-sized audience there we knew that we'd be in for a fun night. The two Gary's (Gary #1 is the promoter and sound manager, whilst Gary #2 is the stage manager) were both a pleasure to meet and work with, and the friendly locals enjoyed the music and were kind enough to give us their close attention throughout the night. 

With a number of Open Mic events and gig nights throughout their calendar, we thoroughly recommend giving Bar 39 a visit if you haven't already.....we're rather tempted by the "Cider and Cheese Sundays"!  

Hebden Bridge Folk and Roots Weekend 

Great music, beautiful sunshine, good food and drink, and one massive hill – that’s the story of our weekend at the Hebden Bridge Folk and Roots Festival. 

We arrived at Hebden Bridge on a glorious Saturday afternoon, and set off in search of our intrepid booking agent, Rachael Bailey, who had made the trip the previous evening to provide advance reconnaissance. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we found her in a smashing little bar called ‘Drink?’, listening to our friends the Mather Robinson Band playing an impromptu set upstairs – a very welcome start to proceedings for us! 

After a quick refreshment, one of the friendly Festival Stewards directed us to a little Italian Restaurant for our dinner, and from there we made our way to one of the two main venues, the Trades Club, where we saw the excellent band Tritor, a new experience for us. Tritor used hurdy-gurdies, harmoniums, pipes, didgeridoo and percussion to play a hypnotic set of 12th – 13th Century songs and tunes from around the world – a strangely psychedelic yet earthy experience! The icing on the cake was provided by dancing from the amazing Luloah Belly Dancers! 

The next morning, and again bathed in sunshine, we made our way to the Birchcliffe Centre, our venue for the afternoon. This was probably the highest-altitude venue that we have played at, requiring a sturdy pair of legs and no small amount of determination to reach! Truth be told, we were initially sceptical that a probably-hungover folky crowd (not traditionally known for their mountain-goat-like agility) would dare attempt the ascent…however, with perfect sound provided by Jim from Calrec Audio, and a beautiful building (an old Baptist church hall) to play in, we knew that we were going to enjoy the show, and so it proved, with hardy souls making the climb for an afternoon of music. 

We also enjoyed meeting Nick and Michelle from Plumhall, and really enjoyed their set. Great tunesmiths in the mould of Buckingham and Nicks from Fleetwood Mac, thoroughly recommended! 

Then it was time to load up the car and head back home. This was a great festival, lots of smiling faces and a relaxed, friendly vibe about the place. We really look forward to going back!


Thanks to James Blatchley at Chorley FM! 

We thoroughly enjoyed our hour as the guests of James Blatchley on the Chorley FM Folk Show on Tuesday 19th August. We played a live session of five songs and enjoyed a good chat about all things musical with our erstwhile host. We've received some great feedback from the show, so thanks to all who tuned in! We'll be hoping to post a 'listen again' link soon, watch this space! 

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